At Lovell Grass Fed Cattle Company, we sell Angus cattle that are born and raised on our farm and are 100% grassfed from start to finish thereby making our beef absolutely traceable back to a single animal. Our free range cattle rotationally graze on our organic pastures comprised of mainly tall fescue, perennial rye grass, white clover, red clover and native grasses. Our cattle are fed organic minerals and are NEVER given any growth hormones or steroids. It is our collective mission to bring superior grassfed beef to everyone in the marketplace who is hungry for a more delicious and healthy way of life.


We sell our beef by the live weight and our current beef prices are $2.20 per pound for a side of beef (half) and $2.10 per pound a whole. We harvest throughout the year and generally use Wagner's Meats in Mt. Airy, MD as they are only 18 miles from our farm and are delivered there on the morning of harvest for less stress on the animal.

We require a deposit of $500 to reserve a half and $650 to reserve a whole. On the day of harvest we weigh the steer or heifer (average weight is 1200 pounds) and send an invoice for the remaining balance. The beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days and is custom cut. Wagner's is paid directly by you for the processing and cutting fee, which is presently $0.60 a pound on the hanging weight and a $60 per head processing charge, or $30 for a half.*

Variety meats such as heart, liver, tongue, kidneys, and oxtail can be kept as well.

 Although it may vary due to how the beef is custom cut,  the price per pound is approximately $6.84 for all cuts of beef. 

*All prices subject to change

To place an order, please email Katy at

or phone the office at 410-635-6161