100% True Grass Fed Beef Raised on Organic Pastures

At Lovell Grass Fed Cattle Company, we sell Angus cattle that are born and raised on our farm and are 100% grassfed from start to finish. Our free range cattle graze on our organic pastures comprised of mainly tall fescue, perennial rye grass, white clover, red clover and native grasses. Our cattle are fed organic minerals and are NEVER given any growth hormones or steroids. It is our collective mission to bring superior grassfed beef to everyone in the marketplace who is hungry for a more delicious and healthy way of life.




It is Springtime on the farm, and with Spring comes calving season. These cute twins were born in mid-April. Mama and babies are all doing well. Sometimes, cows get confused and reject the first to be born when they have a second calf. This cow is a wonderful mother and accepted them both.

Twins 2019.jpg